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Steve SewellI left the Royal Air Force in 1988 and have been in business since that time. I started to visit Florida in 1990 and have been regularly since then after falling in love with the place. After a few years of staying in hotel rooms, we stayed in a villa in Orlando and was hooked, not long after that we bought our own home on Calabay Parc and loved it. We sold in 2007 after a lot of thought but the bond we built with Orlando and villa ownership was hard to break and so I started Perfect Florida Villas with my neice's husband, Guy. We have over 250 Orlando Villas listed on the site and do pretty well in generating leads for our owners.

Some other related projects.

I have created several other blogs and forums all relating to Florida and Orlando in particular. There is the Perfect Florida Villas Blog, Orlando Villas Blog, a blog for Florida Villa Owners There is a forum for owners and visitors to Florida. A couple of Florida interest websites Florida Life And Leisure and Love Florida Guide

Villa Website Design

I turned to designing and building websites for villa owners because I understand what needs to be done to make your property look it's best, to show it's best features and create appeal to your prospective guests. Every photo that I receive from villa owners is run through photoshop lightroom, to ensure that it looks bright, sharp and colourful as best as I can. See the photo optimisation section.

Property Managers.

Property managers that also provide some bookings for their clients may beinterested to know that I can also work with them to build a website that can show their clients properties, take enquiries and allow access for their clients to update and add photos to their listings. Just contact me for a quote.