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Q: I am having a property built when should I get my web site built?
A: You should have your web site built as soon as you have been given a date for closing on your property because it takes some time to gain a good placement in the search engines and you may also want to answer enquiries being made for the dates that your villa will be completed.

Q: Why do I need a web site?
A: Research by a Villa Magazine has shown that over 60% of people looking to book a villa have used the Internet. Over 70% of Americans access the internet over a period of a Month and over the same period over 50% of Europeans access the Internet. As the market grows it shows that you need to have a presence on the Internet. The biggest Travelers to Florida are, obviously the Americans, followed by visitors from the UK. (Almost 2 Million)

Q: What makes a good hosting Company?
A: A good hosting company has a 99% uptime record so that your site is hardly ever down. It doesn't carry any sponsorship from other companies that that generate ads on your page. After all why would you want to direct your visitors to your competitions web sites? Having a hosting company that has high performance servers allow your visitors to have a less frustrating browsing experience waiting for pages to load and pictures to display.

Q: Is it important to have a good Domain name, and what is a good domain name?
A: A good domain name is one that is, easy to remember, contains relevance to your site and is not too long. So obviously the domain is a great domain name. If you can have the term orlando or villa in it it will help you in the search engines. Try and avoid things like

Q: Can I update the website myself?
A: I can do it so that you can change text on the website so your rates and descriptions etc can be up to date as often as you wish. However it is more difficult to update the photos yourself. I would have to do that and provided there wasn't too many it would not cost very much at all.

How do I get my website on Google and other search engines?
A: I will submit the site to all major search engines. I also use a quicker technique, submitting the usual way, can take weeks before Google crawls it and indexes the pages. Because Google crawls this website on a regular basis, looking for changes, it picks up the link to your new website that I add to the portfolio and so off it goes following the link to your site and then begins to index it. Much quicker.

If there is anything else you would like to know contact me.

Steve Sewell