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Photo Optimisation and Enhancement

Many of the photos that you see these days taken with a digital camera may look ok but they can be made to look great. I have seen so many websites with photos that look dark and colourless and they really do not do justice to the subject of the photo. I have now got a very good program that I use to enhance, correct and optimise photos. It really does make a difference. The images below on the left were just as I received them. It sometimes is not enough to just hit the brightness button as all this does is add loads of white to the picture causing the image to look washed out.



Image before Image after
Image Before Image After
Image before Image after
Image before Image after
Before and after

It is important to display images used in your websites or emails to their best potential. I can even enhance images that are of a poor quality but obviously the results will vary depending on the original quality of the image and if it has been edited many times. I can offer my services to you. I have a minimum price of £20/$40 for up to 30 photos. I will return them to you in a zip file in their original sizes plus in a smaller optimised size too 600 x 400 if I am able again depending on the original size. If not it, will be as close to that as I can get. If required I can pop them on a cd and post them to you for an additional £5. I can also enhance photos where there has been something wrong in the picture for example if the grass was temporarily dry and there were brown patches I can rectify those, obviously I cannot remove something that is permanently there as that would be misleading. If you have photos with dates on them and would like them removed I can do that too. See Below. If there is anything else you would like to know please contact me.

Image before and after