Photo Optimisation

Make them look great!

Photo Optimisation



Just a few examples of how a photo can be made to look better. I can also remove a variety of things from photos that would not normally be there, like a crane in the distance or something that is on the photo like a date stamp that needs removing. See below.

I can enhance images that are of a poor quality but obviously the results will vary depending on the original quality of the image and if it has been edited many times.

I have a minimum price of £30/$40 for up to 30 photos. I will return them to you in a zip file in their original sizes plus in a smaller optimised size too 600 x 400 if I am able again depending on the original size. If not it, will be as close to that as I can get. I can also enhance photos where there has been something wrong in the picture for example if the grass was temporarily dry and there were brown patches I can rectify those, obviously I cannot remove something that is permanently there as that would be misleading.

If you have photos with dates on them and would like them removed I can do that too. If there is anything else you would like to know please contact me.

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